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2021: A Year in Review

After a horrible year, everyone was feeling optimistic about 2021. Vaccination programs ramped up and we could just see ourselves enjoy life again. Then things got weird.

These are news headlines that stood out to me, as I tried to make sense of it all. Looking back at 2021.


Vatican City First Country in the World to Have Vaccinated Its Entire Population

EU Fishing Boats Fight Over Right to Fish in UK Waters After Brexit: “Fishes Voted Remain”


Health Clinic Raided in Southern France, 2500 Vaccines Stolen

Ex-Theranos Scientists Invent Cheap Oral COVID Vaccine


New Virus Mutation Discovered in the US

What to Expect From the Trial Against Former Theranos CEO Holmes

Experts Worried Existing Vaccines Won’t Protect Against New Mutation


Millions of Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccines Wasted Amidst Uncertainty over Efficacy

Why the Theranos/Ciber Oral Vaccine Will Save Us All

Oral Vaccine Trials Accelerated as Mutation Spreads Across the World


Gates Builds Theranos/Ciber Vaccine Factories in Anticipation of FDA Approval

Holmes: “Vaccine Developed Using Theranos IP”

Sewage Samples Reveal Virus Particles Able to Survive in Open Water for Weeks


Participant of Theranos/Ciber Trial Arrested for Eating Their Dog, Was Part of Control Group Scientists Say

Growing Unrest as Countries Across the Globe Announce New Lockdowns, Most Restrictive Yet


EMA Approves Preemptive Distribution of Oral Theranos/Ciber Vaccine to Pharmacies

Top 10 Theranos/Ciber Vaccine Side-Effects, Number 4 Will Surprise You


Fish Stock Plummets in Major Fishing Areas, Ecological Disaster Looming

Updated Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine Effective Against New Mutation


Norway First Country to Offer Theranos/Ciber Vaccine Over the Counter Starting Today

Sunlight Reduces Theranos/Ciber Vaccine Side-Effects


Hedonism in a Post-COVID Country: Norway’s Non-Stop Raves

Canada Adds Theranos/Ciber Vaccine to Nationwide Drinking Water


Best Holiday Recipes Without Fish

Catholic Church Warns for Satanic Practices in North-Eastern Europe: Nightly Dance Gatherings Involve Drinking Blood


Baltic States Share Troubling Details, Request Help at NATO Summit

United Fireworks Association: Lift Ban on Fireworks for New Year’s Eve